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Hey.. Hey you, over here ! Man, you look lost, and there is probably a reason for that : this whole blog is mainly in french. And it shall remain that way. Sorry !

This blog was actually made at first as an "accessory" for an In-World french group call "Les rôlistes francophones" which was made and -still- owned by myself (Payne Sciarri). To be short and concise, let's just said it is use mainly to speak and inform french speaking roleplayers about upcoming sims, roleplays events and a whole lot of nonsense from myself, mostly. Last time I checked, it had a little bit over 920 members.

So, you may have seen also some outfits and roleplay outfits featured here. But It does not make my blog a fashion blog at first. Being involved in roleplay in general and since I used to own a group where I was helping roleplayers finding clothes for their characters back in 2008-2009, I have always been into SL clothes. Once I pass the whole "I don't want to have a clone on SL" mentality that I kept for waaaaay too long and with the help of severals friends, I decide to get involved in a fashion blog for a short time and then, turn my own blog into "one." The clothes are still secondary, I don't have a lot of budget (around 5000 l$ a month) and I have a lot of differents activities on SL that prevents me more and more to go on a hunt for clothes (and I have friends, Yeah! All Hail for social life!)

Yet, I keep trying to work on my blog and to update it as soon as I can. Which is why it's not a dead space yet and even if the background, the colors and pretty much everything on this blog is DEAD ugly, this is not the thing that matters for me the most. I'll do an extreme makeover of it when I'll have the time, the creativity and of course, the talent. 

Well.. I guess it means the shitty colors are going to stay for another two years ! 

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