samedi 4 octobre 2014

Tenue RP N°98.

Curieuse confectionneuse.

Coiffe/Headdress : Illusions*~* Katarin French Hood: Copy (Siyu Suen)

Tiare/Tiara : aisling. Elyan Tiara RARE (Damian Kleiner) !Gacha! @The Gathering.

Cheveux/Hair : ~Chimeric Fashions~ Coiled Hair & Crown (Red-Brown) (Punkerella Sumners) !Modified!

Boucles d'oreilles/Earrings : aisling. Elyan Earrings [L] RARE (Damian Kleiner) !Gacha! @The Gathering.

Col/Collar : *OAL* Elizabeth Collar L ~ Harvest (Discovering Destiny) !Gacha!

Collier/Necklace : aisling. Elyan Necklace RARE (Damian Kleiner) !Gacha! @The Gathering.

Robe/Dress : Luminary. Elizabeth - Red (Augurer Resident)

Corset : JD - Gwen Wide Hips Ecru (Davidefre Freeman)

Épaulettes/Pauldrons : ieQED rose.pauldron.copper.left (SigiFaust Resident)

Bagues (de gauche à droite/Rings, from left to right)
- aisling. The Good Wife (Druunah Esharham)
- Eclectica Dragonfly Ring-Gold (Tiffy Vella)
- MG - Ring - Royal Khadijah Estate - Small - GOLD - L (Maxi Gossamer)

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