mercredi 9 avril 2014

Tenue RP N°63.

Reine Vaudou.

Cornes/Horns : Alchemy - Druid Headdress (Nina Helix)

Coiffe plumes/Feathers Headdress : ::SP::  Feather Duster Red (Cloey Scorfield) !!Gacha!!

Coiffe/Headdress : A I S L I N G - LadyOfHighgarden Headpiece (Damian Kleiner) @The Secret Affair/Gacha Ultra Rare.

Tiare/Tiara : .:ellabella:. Enchant - Ostara - circlet (Ellantha Larsson) @We Love Roleplay.

Boucles d'oreilles/Earrings : .:ellabella:. Enchant - Ostara - earring (Ellantha Larsson) @We Love Roleplay.

Cheveux/Hair : [Stitched] EPOS_01 Black_03 (Adele Bumblefoot) @We Love Roleplay.

Flèches dans les cheveux/Arrow in the hair : Bliensen + MaiTai - Took an Arrow - Double Hairpin - Gold (Plurabelle Laszlo) @We Love Roleplay.

Robe/Dress : Peqe - Hybrid_Red (Inex Hax) @We Love Roleplay.

Cape/Cloak : FATEplay - Dany Cloak - Quartz (S) (Damien Fate) @We Love Roleplay.

Armure dorée/Chestpiece : . a i s l i n g . Chestlace (Druunah Esharham) @We Love Roleplay.

Epaulette dorée/Golden Pauldron : aisling. LadyOfHighgarden Shoulders Gold [R] (Damian Kleiner)

Broche/Brooch : [Tia] House of the Lion (Tia Biscuit) @The Secret Affair/Gacha Ultra Rare.

Collier long/Long Necklace : .random.Matter. - Rhiannon Necklace - Brown/Gold (Nikohl Hax) @We Love Roleplay.

Bracelet rouge/Red bracers : [The Forge] Celtic Bangle (Deccan Arida)

Bracelet violet/Purple bracers : Eclectica 'Artifact' cuff-right-gold (Tiffy Vella)

Corset rouge/Red corset : ::B&C:: Vanya Skirted Corset - S - Red Leather (Graea Resident) @We Love Roleplay.

Plumes/Feathers : May's Soul - brown collar girl (May Tolsen)

Ceinture/Belt : [The Forge] Elan, Black/Gold -CBOX (Deccan Arida) !!Gacha!!

Armure de hanche/Hip protection : May's Soul - musa belt gold brown (May Tolsen)

Gants noirs/Black Gloves : ::: B@R ::: Uver (June Dion)

Slip/Thong : PFC~War Kitten - Thong (Pucca Firecaster)

Bottes/Boots : :[P]:- Proteus Boots:// Lace (Aikea Rieko)

Orbe rouge/Red Orb : {anc} a.royal .box 2 !!Gacha!!

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